Due to Luxembourg’s diverse population, the importance of the English language is increasing both in everyday life and in the job market. Furthermore, today’s youth is exposed to English and English benefits from a growing popularity. In addition to informal learning, every student at the Lycée Ermesinde starts formal learning in English lessons from 7e C, G and P classes onwards. Many students improve their proficiency in the language by choosing to write their “travail personnel” or their “mémoire” in English. 

All these factors contribute to an effective learning of English and enrich our English lessons. The potential of the students is developed through the help of the so-called engaged students who fuel written and oral communication in the classroom. Every semester, the students are confronted with a new writing task, each following a different literary form with increasing complexity. The aim of these writing tasks is to foster communication and to use grammar and vocabulary in context rather than isolating it.



  • Langages

    Pour une communication de qualité - Affiner l’expression et le raisonnement
  • Culture générale

    Déchiffrer le monde - Découvrir un monde complexe et fascinant - Contribuer à un raisonnement collectif
  • Orientation

    Avoir le temps pour déployer ses talents - Travailler dans un lieu de confiance - Cultiver la diversité
  • Entreprises

    Passer à l’action - Se retrouver entre passionnés - Expérimenter l’économie - Aller à la rencontre d’un public
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